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Word of God speak

the last thing I need is to be heard

15 December 1985

my life.

Wellll...I've recently begun updating my LJ again. My name is Brittany and I am a senior at The University of Nevada in Reno. I'm really too busy for life and I post here and myspace to help myself relax. I have an undying love for graphics but unfortunately I don't have enough time to make my own. :-/ On myspace I prefer to add only real life friends but on livejournal I add very few "real life" friends because I don't want them gossiping LOL. So add me and I'll probably add you back :) ... Oh LJ how I missed you

my love.

Do you ever think that all we ever were, all our hearts ever shared, was a learning experience in order to appreciate someone else? To take the small love we learned and let it grow - then give it away to another human being? It feels like wasted time, wasted heart break, wasted love...but in reality you made me a better person...your love made me a better girlfriend, fiancee, wife...for someone else.

my Jesus.

thanks seasonable for the cute mk banner